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Organization Structure

Organization Structure

1.Organization Chart
Household Registration Office Organization Structure
2.Tasks and Duties
Household Registration Section
◎Household registration:
●Registration of personal status
  Birth/death/death announcement/marriage/divorce registration
Acknowledgement/adoption/adoption termination registration
Guardianship registration
●Registration of movement
  Moving-in/moving-out/address alteration registration
●Initial household registration
◎Birthplace registration
◎Alteration/correction/revocation/annulment registration
◎Acquisition/loss/restoration of nationality
Household Records Section
◎ID card
  ID Cards; ID Card Changes
◎Issuance of certificate
  Issuance of household certificate/household certificate in English
Household Registry and Citizen Review of Household Records
◎Personal signet
  Personal Seal Registration/Replacement/Annulment/Certification
◎Naming of streets
◎Address plates
  Coding/producing/amending/re-issuance of address plates
◎Citizen digital certificate
General Affairs Section
◎Administration affairs
  Research and evaluation
Volunteer recruitment and management
Dealing with complaints
Fees and fine reception affairs
◎General affairs
  Inventory procurement and preservation
Maintenance of computer hardware and software
Cashier affairs
◎Archives and documents management
Personnel Office
◎In charge of personnel management in accordance with the law
Accounting Office
◎In charge of annual auditing and accounting affairs in accordance with the law

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